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Long-tailed Cormorant at the nice site Technopole.
Yellow-billed (Black) Kite.
Photos: Martin Oomen, 2005
Unfortunately, there are not many birding trip reports available today, not even at other web sites that provide trip reports from all over the world. Most available reports from the region cover birding visits to Gambia, sometimes with short detours to nearby birding sites in Senegal. Hopefully there will be more birders in the future visiting Senegal, not only for seawatching, but also for general birding in this big country with its six great National Parks. Niokola-Koba is the most known, especially by birders visiting the Gambia. Another great and well-known area is Delta du Saloum close to the northern border to Gambia. For further information on birding inland Senegal see the 'Travel info' section for a short introduction.
   All available reports below are in the PDF format which can be opened in your browser or downloaded to your computer. However, you need at least Acrobat Reader to be able to open and read the PDF-files available below.

Trip reports
Seawatching in Senegal 2-7 November 2005 (88 KB) by Dave Thurlow, UK. Seawatching at N'Gor and Calao. No recordings of landbirds is included.
Senegal 22-29 October 2005 (242 KB) by Wouter Faveyts, Belgium.
This was a work trip so not specifically aimed at bird watching. However, Wouter recorded nearly 100 species during his stay and without much effort. The report also contains 12 bird photos.
Northern Senegal 13-21 October 2005 by Ignacio Yúfera, Spain.
After a week of birding in neighbouring Gambia, Ignacio travelled to Senegal for another week of birding, mainly in the northern part. Valuable information about this part of the country as well as many nice photos!
Seawatching in Senegal 3-16 October 2005 (1,1 MB) by Niklas Holmström, Jan Hägg, Björn Johansson, Kristoffer Nilsson & Martin Oomen, Sweden.
Seawatching at N'Gor and Calao plus two pelagic trips off Cap Vert. Also two visits to the wetland area Technopole (east of N'Gor). The report contains 31 photos, tables and graphs (22 pages).
Senegal 1-11 November 2004 (314 KB) by Richard Ottvall.
Seawatching at N'Gor and Calao. Birding interior Senegal such as Sine Saloume delta and National Park Djoudj.
Senegal 22-29 October 2004 (143 KB) by Bengt Andersson, Leif Dehlin, Alf Petersson & Johan Stenlund, Sweden.
The trip report is available in two versions. They mainly seawatch from Calao on the Cap Vert Peninsula, but also birded at Technopole (Dakar) and Somone just two hours south of the peninsula, with great result!
» Illustrated with 38 colour photos (PDF 647 KB), highly recommended!
Seawatching in Senegal 13-27 October 2003 (223 KB) Göran Ekström, Niklas Holmström, Dan Mangsbo & Dan Zetterström, Sweden.
Including day-by-day totals and pelagic totals. Besides seabirds this one include a brief diary and all land birds seen in the N'Gor area.
Senegal 15 July to 5 August 2003 (60 KB) by Willem van der Waal.
Mainly landbirds, but also several interesting seabirds sightings such as Cape Gannet, Brown Booby, Red-billed Tropicbird, Kelp Gull, Bridled and Sooty Tern.
Senegal and Gambia on 14 December 2000 to 11 January 2001, by Juha Honkala and Veronica Limnell
You will find further reports from Senegal and Gambia on (External web resource). Just chose Senegal in the "Select Country" field and up to date (23 Oct. 2008) there is 39 trip reports available.

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