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The number of birders visiting Senegal has increased in recent years, but this French-speaking country cannot yet match the Gambia as the most popular birding destination in West Africa. This is largely because of the lower travel costs to the Gambia. However, amongst its many attractions, Senegal offers excellent seawatching and much better pelagic trip opportunities than its smaller neighbour. True seawatching in Senegal is undoubtedly synonymous with Cap Vert. At N'Gor, only about a mile northwest of central Dakar, there are two excellent spots for land-based seawatching: Isle N'Gor and the terrace of Club le Calao. In autumn, the numbers and mix of seabird species passing probably makes these the best seawatching sites on the entire eastern Atlantic seaboard!
A great Catharacta Skua at sea on 26th October. Brown or South Polar? Photo: Martin Oomen, 2007.

Senegal wildlife – a new website
In 2011 a brand new website and a blog saw its release. It is mainly dealing with all kind of birds in Senegal and is managed by Paul Robinson, Flemming Quist and Céline Roux-Vollon. Please visit the site:

Permanent birder in Dakar
The british birder Paul Robinson will be based in Dakar for about two years. If you intend to visit Senegal for birding it could be a good idea to contact Paul. Here you'll find a short presentation of Paul and his e-mail»
Seawatching in october 2010
Between 25-31 of October 2010 a French team studied the seabird passage from the terrace at Calao. Worthy of mention is great numbers of skuas and Wilson's Storm-petrel. View their seawatching results here»
An article about seawatching at Cap Vert peninsula published in Ornithos
The article 'Cap Verde peninsula, Senegal, a seawatching site of great interest' dealing much with When & Where to watch the southbound seabird migration in the Dakar area. The paper was published in September 2009 and is readable in French language with a summary in English. View or download the full article here» (PDF 619 KB)

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