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Isle N'Gor – another hot spot
The small island Isle N'Gor seen from the terrace at Calao towards north-west. Most terns, gulls and shorebirds pass through the strait inshore the island.
Photo: Niklas Holmström, 2003.
Swedish seawatchers scanning the sea from the north side of Isle N'Gor. From left: Björn Johansson, Niklas Holmström and Kristoffer Nilsson (and the "great" musician Amadou).
Photo: Jan Hägg, 2005.
This new spot, about 50 metres west of the "Wall" proved to be a good place offering sunshade all day long.
Photo: Niklas Holmström, 2005.
Martin (left) and Janne scanning the sea from the concrete wall located on the north-western part of the island.
Photo: Niklas Holmström, 2005.
The seawatching spot on the north side of Isle N'Gor. The "Wall" allows for some shade. Unfortunately, the wall and the adjecent area turned out to be a rubbish dump in 2005.
Photo: Niklas Holmström, 2003.
At Isle N'Gor the seabirds often pass closer to shore compared to the Calao terrace and the Storm-petrels are easier to identify here.
Photo: Dan Mangsbo, 2003.
Prepare yourself to be an exciting object for both tourists and friendly Senegalese people. Photo: Göran Ekström, 2003.
The restaurant L'Oasis on the westernmost beach on Isle N'Gor. A cool place with a cool owner playing cool jazz music. A perfect place for a cool beer while waiting for the return boat.
Photo: Niklas Holmström, 2003.
View from the restaurant L'Oasis overlooking the strait between Isle N'Gor and the mainland. The un-appealing and high built Hotel N'Gor seen in background. Photo: Niklas Holmström, 2003.
One of many narrow and beautiful valleys on Isle N'Gor. The gardens are good for birds.
Photo: Niklas Holmström, 2003.
A Clint Eastwood wannabe or just an exhausted seawatcher? Dan Zetterström taking a break on his soft hotel pillow.
Photo: Niklas Holmström, 2003.
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